IntelliSOP is Wogic’s SOP management system and smart quality management system. If you are dealing with processes, standard operating procedures, certifications, quality management, requirements from regulatory authorities, you will be thrilled by IntelliSOP!

IntelliSOP facilitates an efficient SOP management, processes development, training compliance, certification management and compliance with other regulatory requirements. IntelliSOP is an intuitive online SaaS application (software as a service) for large, medium-sized and even small businesses that enables:

  • Easy management of processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Manage regulatory compliance and ensure audit and inspection-ready business.
  • Contextual visualization of data: each user views only contextual information that is relevant to effectively perform their job.
  • Fast integration with your existing application structure, such as content management systems, document management system, learning management systems, etc.
  • Graphical interface in 10 languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Russian and Japanese.
  • Global and project-specific assignment of roles
  • Support for external SOPs, projects and intelligent allocation of resources
  • Oversee distribution of SOP roles, identify employees without a role assignment or over-allocated
  • Control SOP due dates, effective dates, versioning and management of revisions and approvals
  • Support for complex organizational structures: automatic visualization of teams, managers and direct reports
  • Training compliance: training records and SOPs are directly linked to the process. Managers and direct reports know the status of each mandatory and optional training
  • Business Intelligence: information can be exported and processed in Excel-compatible files or PDFs.

Access IntelliSOP  from your smartphone, tablet or computer: you do not need any dedicated hardware or software installation.

More details about IntelliSOP features and potential can be found here: